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I'm Shenal, and I build things for fun and for others. πŸ‘‹πŸ½ πŸͺ™ Built two edtech ventures funded by MIT via their Sandbox program. 🌱 Founder of Introspect, a platform that helps people grow when they have nobody else to help them. πŸ—£οΈMade several AI enabled tools using Google Cloud and GPT-3. βœ’οΈ Authored, illustrated, and self-published my children's book - 'Why is my poo suddenly green?'

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What People Say

"I hired Shenal to work on a Bubble MVP and her work was exceptional to say the least. Super hands-on, great communication, has deep working knowledge of Bubble and delivers high quality output."

Raffay M
Co-Founder & CEO of Huey

"I hired Shenal to help us build a no code app and the result is fantastic. Highly recommend."

Joe P
Founder & CEO of Astral Ventures

"Shenal delivered an exceptional job on our automation of a bespoke program using Airtable. The solution is seamless, and her communication was exceptional including the handover of the project. I really enjoyed working with Shenal and hope to use her again on future projects. I highly recommend Shenal"

Kristy B
Operations Leader

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