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The difference.

As a Founder I know how important it is to balance quality, affordability, and scrappiness. Yes, I can build your tech product using no-code tools. But I can also teach you how to maintain the platform, provide ongoing support and advise you on how to achieve your validation goals with minimum costs and effort. Unlike most developers, I can advise you on scrappiness and cost from a Founder's perspective.

How can I help you?

Landing page

The front door to your vision's world should maximise emotional impact and easily allow for action.

Launching fast and scrappy

Let's work together to discuss your vision, hypothesis, and proposed solution to create the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient route to test your idea.

MVP/live product

Using no-code (Bubble, Softr etc) I can work to your budget and timeframe to get a quality MVP/product up and running.


I can teach you how to maintain the product yourself in a workshop or for an ongoing low-cost subscription you can have me on hand for any questions and work you need.

Tech stack

Maximise your tools and have a clear idea of what is supporting your product. Especially useful for your privacy policy and knowing where data is going.


Want to self-publish a book on Amazon? I can give you guidance based on my experience in writing, illustrating, and publishing my children's book.

About Me.

I'm Shenal, and I build things for fun and for others. - Founder of Introspect, a platform that helps people grow when they have nobody else to help them. - Built Prolific Me, a tool that tweets your voice notes. - Started two edtech ventures backed by MIT via their Sandbox program. - Authored, illustrated, and self-published my children's book - 'Why is my poo suddenly green?'

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