Increasing shares and lowering your DCA. Portfolio Update: Week ending 07/02/2021

Here is the entirety of my share/crypto portfolio for the week ending 07/02/2021. My portfolio is up 8.25% this week led largely by positives runs by IDEX and FCEL.

I was an early investor in FCEL and MARA (at $2 and $3) and attribute my wealth creation process to getting into stocks early, keeping a low dollar-cost average and maximising the amount I invest into that stock (i.e., increase the unit of shares, and lower the dollar cost average).

I try and keep to this after making mistakes with Nio. My first entry into Nio was at the $5 range in January 2020 and after seeing the stock drop to $2 I should have averaged down but instead averaged up as Nio rose to $40 because I was fearful at $2 but greedy at $40 (should have been the other way around!). My money did not go very far with this.

With a low DCA and investing heavily in stocks I believed in from the onset, I could maximise my returns. E.g., Having bought into FCEL at $2, I would only need the price to rise by $2 at any given time to make an additional 100% return of my initial capital.

Getting in heavy at the onset requires a lot of research and diligence to pick a trustworthy stock. But a low-cost average can be extremely fruitful.

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