A Promised Land is a Presidential Book (⭐⭐⭐⭐)

As a major fan of his whilst growing up, I found the book to be typical of Barack Obama's values and idealism.

The familiar chant of hope, promise, and faith rings across each page, encouraging us to embrace each other, our purpose, and opportunities to contribute to society. Barack's writing style echoes the signature prose of his orations reminding us of a loved yet distant presidency.

That is iconic of the Barack Obama we do know.

However, I stumbled upon an unfamiliar Barack when reading chapters related to Afghanistan, Libya, and war. I found myself wondering whether the dream for an ideal democracy, 'A Promised Land', so to speak when stretched too far and imposed upon others is indeed in contrast of the fundamentals of democracy; free-will, autonomy, and sovereignty.

With this new perspective I recall the term 'necropolitics', which is the use of social and political power to dictate how some people may live and how some must die and cannot help but associate this with Barack's unilateral decision to involve American resources in foreign countries in the name of democracy.

A Promised Land whilst as insightful of a presidential memoir as we might ever see, is presidential enough to avoid dealing with human cost of invasions, war, and the quest for 'democracy'.

Let me know your thoughts!

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